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Free Pallet Rack
System Inspection

Free Pallet Rack
System Inspection

If you operate fork lifts or order pickers, it’s is a good safety and business practice to regularly have your pallet rack and shelving inspected. The Rack Boss will come and inspect your facility to not only help you comply with laws and and provide a safer work environment, but also to help to spot flaws, problems and poor practices in your warehouse that might otherwise go unnoticed.Pallet rack is a sturdy structure capable of holding its listed capacity—as long as you don’t overload, mis-load, collide with, or otherwise abuse it. And nothing destroys a rack upright like a forklift impact. What if an upright has been compromised and you don’t know about it? Drivers are not likely to report collisions, so you may not know if a rack has been compromised.

Tens of thousands of pounds of expensive inventory can be lost in a rack collapse—or worse, someone can die. Even if you are fortunate enough to avoid injuries or fatalities, rack inspections are always a good idea. New uprights are inexpensive; rack collapses are not.

What We Will Check

Are the racks plumb and level?

This is an issue with rack systems that have been reconfigured, poorly installed, or installed in areas where there may be foundation settling. The floor may have been inadequate and the rack installed with shims, which can move and skew. Collisions and impacts may have a greater impact on racks that aren’t set level. If you see crooked racks, rows out of alignment, or vertical leaning, it’s a red flag.

Is the rack overloaded?

Overloading is a prime cause or rack failure and the catastrophic damages & injuries that can ensue, so it needs to be addressed. It is an easy mistake to make and it’s made far too often. Changing the load without checking capacities is a serious issue. Remember that beams have rated capacity per pair, and that uprights depend on beam spacing for their capacity ratings. Visit your rack supplier’s technical documentation to find those ratings for your pallet rack or have The Rack Boss check the rating for you.

Are Uprights Bent or Damaged?

Do they have paint scrapes that might indicate a forklift hit? Damage, no matter how minor in appearance, can reduce the upright capacity for a section of the rack.

  • Check the horizontal braces for any bending, twisting, or other damage.
  • Check the footplates — they properly lagged and securely attached to the floor?
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Used Pallet Rack & Warehouse Equipment For Sale

Teardrop Beams

6,500 in stock

teardrop beams

92" x 4" Used Beams


12' x 6" Used Beams


9' x 4" Used Beams


8' x 5k Used Beams


72" x 5k Used Beams


85" x 5k Used Beams


Keystone Rack

Uprights 1,500 in stock    Beams 22,000 in stock

keystone rack
Uprights (Other heights available)

60" Deep x 12' Tall


60" Deep x 16' Tall


60" Deep x 28' Tall


42" Deep x 12' Tall


42" Deep x 16' Tall


42" Deep x 28' Tall



8' x 4" Used Beams


8'-6" Used Beams


10' Used Beams


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