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Determine Your Warehouse Racking Needs

Buying a Material Handling System

Essential Questions for Tailored Solutions

First, ask yourself a few questions. The answers to these questions will help us find the right system to match your requirements.

  • What type of items are you planning to store?
  • What size are your pallets (dimensions and height)?
  • How much does each pallet weigh?
  • How tall are your ceilings?
  • What type of lift equipment are you using?
  • Do you require a wire deck or pallet supports?

New vs. Used

In the material handling and warehousing industry, there is controversy over whether used rack and shelving systems are a better choice over new systems. While some are convinced that newer products are the way to go, others favor used pallet rack and material handling systems for years and refuse to invest in anything else.


We buy and sell both used and new material handling systems and equipment, but have found that used pallet racking offers considerable advantages.


Save Money with Used Rack & Shelving
The price of a new rack and shelving can be very expensive. But used equipment is available at a nominal price. Additionally, as trucking costs continue to increase, it can be very expensive to ship new racks from a manufacturing facility, especially if it is located hundreds or thousands of miles away. Buying used racks locally can have significant cost savings in freight. By saving with used racks and shelving, you can spend money on other areas of your operation that could stand to be improved.


Need a Pallet Racking System Fast?
As new equipment often takes 6-8 weeks to be delivered once the order is placed with the manufacturer, used equipment is typically available immediately. For companies that need a replacement system, accessories, or an entirely new setup in a tight timeframe, used pallet racks or industrial shelving is the better choice.


Choose Quality Over Aesthetics
Although some warehouse and distribution managers are uncertain as to whether or not used materials will remain structurally sound long term, metal on racks and shelves, if stored inside, will not degrade, but remain durable for years to come. While used materials may not look as appealing as new pallet rack and industrial shelving, they are guaranteed to do the same job for less.

Looking for Other Equipment?

If you are looking for other equipment or you have equipment to sell please contact us.

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